New King of Fighters XIV team trailer introduces Team Mexico


It’s time to Lucha in the latest King of Fighters XIV trailer which highlights the three members of Team Mexico. The team is comprised of two returning faces, Ramon and Angel, along with one new fighter known as King of Dinosaurs.

Angel’s only entry into the King of Fighters series was back in 2001, teamed with K9999 and Kula. Her chain attack combos made it easy for her to quickly keep her opponents guessing, which also made her a bit difficult to master. From the trailer it seems Angel has a few new moves added to her arsenal along with her Blue Monday Parade to Survivor’s Banquette. The latter is getting a bit of an upgrade which is a modified Rock Bottom into an elbow drop. She may be cute but she is still dangerous, especially with her Climax special.

Viva Mexico! Ramon’s first appearance was in The King of Fighters 2000 as part of the Hero team with Benimarui, K, Vanessa and Maxima. He then would appear in every year until The King of Fighters XI. Ramon is exactly what you would expect from a Lucha Libre fighter, with a combination of command grabs, quick strikes and ability to pick up a downed opponent to deal even more damage.

Newcomer King of Dinosaurs resembles Griffon Mask also known as Tizoc who was first introduced in Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves and appeared in The King of Fighters 2003 and XI. He fights using brute strength as well as a variety of grapple attacks which make him dangerous up close.

King of Fighters XIV will be released on August 23rd exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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