Street Fighter V users currently using Urien and Juri online will get punished

street fighter v juri

The release of Street Fighter V’s cinematic story mode introduced four new characters in the game: Ibuki, Balrog, Urien and Juri. While Ibuki and Balrog were officially released for the latest update, Juri and Urien were only set to be playable for a short time in the story mode until their eventual release, or at least that was the plan until a few players discovered how to unlock the players on the PC version.

You may run into a player using one of the two characters online, and Capcom isn’t happy about it. Street Fighter V producer Koichi Sugiyama and assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano addressed this issue, saying that thanks to videos that are being released online on how to access the characters, they have a good understanding on who has been using the characters. Ayano went on to say that anyone found using the character will be dealt with severely.

While it might be tempting to try these characters out for yourself, make sure you keep away from Capcom’s hammer of Justice, because it’s about to strike down.

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