Nintendo files patent for new potential handheld

CmrjJXRWIAAx6BeMany have assumed, due to the state of the market, that Nintendo would be moving away from handhelds. However, a recent patent filed by the company may say otherwise.

As pointed out by Twitter user ZhugeEX, the patent is for a “handheld information processing apparatus”, which is a fancy way of saying “handheld device”. It has one screen, built-in speakers, vibration, and some kind of touch interface.

One page (pictured below) includes a game screen with buttons on the screen and another shows off a weapon-select menu. There is another design (pictured above) that looks more like a traditional handheld with ABXY buttons and a D-pad circle-pad similar to that of the 3DS’.


Keep in mind that when a company submits a patent, it is not 100% likely they will go through with releasing it. What this definitely means though is that Nintendo is considering manufacturing handhelds, or that their upcoming console codenamed NX is a hybrid between console and handheld as rumored.

We may finally get answers to this when Nintendo reveals the NX later this year. In the meantime, you can read the official patent on the US Patent and Trademark Office website.

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