Civilization VI: Up close and Egyptian

civ 6 cover

Firaxis Games never seems to disappoint with any of its Civilization games. It builds upon its games piece by piece and brick by brick, just as you’re supposed to inside its games.

Civilization VI has added more features and customization to town building than ever before, yet with the new interface that’s extremely simple and intuitive. The attention to detail it has put into the upcoming installment is beyond what we have ever seen in the past. For starters you have the ability to have unstacked cities, so you can further customize them with districts in order to add extra specialization within that city.

Firaxis just posted its first look at the game for Egypt including special ability and advantages when Cleopatra is in command.

So far it has shown off America, England and now Egypt, each of which looks to have gotten some nice improvements and bonuses. I personally can’t wait to see what other improvements are in store for the other world powers, especially the less popular ones.

In case you’ve been trapped in the Stone Age, check out the E3 walkthrough below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Civilization VI is scheduled to release October 21, 2016, for PC.

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