Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Review


Raunchy R-rated comedies have been making a strong comeback as of late. From Everybody Wants Some!! to Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, these films are a welcoming sight to those audiences who seek risqué, edgy, and exploitative comedies. The latest comedy to reach this particular audience is Jake Szymanski’s Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Is Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates a standout entry in a year full of raunchy comedies or is it just another run of the mill R-rated comedy?

Unlike some of the other raunchy R-rated films that came out this year, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is an edgy romantic comedy that actually has some heart to it.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is loosely based on a true story. The film follows Mike (Adam Devine) and Dave (Zac Efron) Stangle who are forced to find respectable dates for their younger sister’s wedding. After their online ad goes viral, Mike and Dave happen to cross paths with Alice (Anna Kendrick) and Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza). Initially hitting it off, the brothers invite the girls to their sister’s wedding in Hawaii. Little do Mike and Dave know that Alice and Tatiana are not who they seem, and their rouse could potentially jeopardize the entire wedding.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, for all intents and purposes, has an incredibly clichéd storyline. Despite going through a nightmare scenario for the Stangles, audiences know exactly how the film’s going to end. As predictable as it is, screenwriters Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O’Brien still tries to switch it up.

Cohen and O’Brien take the stereotypical raunchy comedy tropes and is able to successfully pull a role reversal. It’s the females that are the ones who are committing all the debauchery while the males are the “good” ones. Granted, Mike and Dave do have their fair share of debauchery, but they’re tame for 95% of the film.

What also helps is that the film is, without a doubt, extremely funny. Right from the get-go, Mike and Dave delivers a healthy dose of side-splitting laughs. Even when the film introduces the romantic-comedy element, the film still is able to run on all cylinders. Mike and Dave is not without its comedic shortcomings, though. There are some gags that fall flat and the laughs will start to die down in the third act when all of the complications need to be resolved.


At a brisk 105-minute runtime, the film blows through its runtime pretty quickly and doesn’t overstay its welcome. Jake Szymanski runs a tight ship and smartly focuses on the improvisational talents of its comedic actors. They’re able to take the script to places it only dreamt about before.

Mike and Dave is the best showcase for Adam Devine’s comedic talent. As funny as he was in “Workaholics,” he’s even funnier here. He practically carried this film on his back since most of the hilarious moments come from Devine’s performance. Of course, Devine’s standout performance doesn’t diminish the performances of the rest of the leads. The entire cast pretty much came to play as Zac Efron delivers a nice mix of humor and tenderness as Dave Stangle. However, Efron’s comedic timing isn’t as strong as it was in Neighbors.

Anna Kendrick is just as impressive as Efron’s love interest, Alice. It’s nice seeing her play a role that’s different from her innocent ones and is able to do it so well. In addition, the chemistry between Efron and Kendrick is palpable. Aubrey Plaza is absolutely obnoxious as Tatiana but in a good way! Plaza plays Tatiana in an obnoxious but sweet way and she plays it really well.


Just as impressive is Sugar Lyn Beard who is very adorable and hilarious as Mike and Dave’s little sister, Jeanie. Although his screen time was short, Kumail Nanjiani steals some scenes with his hilarious cameo. Sadly, Alice Wetterlund is the weakest link as the annoying Cousin Terry. She’s surprisingly unfunny and her cringeworthy scenes tend to bring the film to an abrupt halt.

Overall, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is by no means high art or deep, but there is a considerable amount of fun in the film. Despite the several shortcomings, the film does have a ton of hilarious gags, a solid cast, and just enough sweet moments to keep everyone happy. It’s easily one of the funniest films of the summer.

Rating: 4/5 atoms
NR 4 Atoms - B

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