What we know so far about Goku Black in Dragon Ball Super

Warning: May contain spoilers for the current Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Supergoku-black

Recent episodes of Dragon Ball Super have revealed a new enemy, Goku Black. And though we have been teased with Future Trunks’ return along with a new threat, the arrival of Goku Black has raised more questions to his presence. The first episode of his presence gave us another grave future for Future Trunks, one where Earth and humanity are on the brink of destruction. The shadowy figure displayed great power and the ability to find Future Trunks with ease. With a last ditch effort resulting in the death of Future Bulma and Future Mai, Future Trunks made it back 17 years to the current timeline of Dragon Ball Super to meet with Bulma again and hopefully stop Goku Black. But the main question has been lingering since his arrival, who exactly is Goku Black?

Lots of clues are scattered in each episode with the little appearance of Goku Black, but combining them may reveal who he really his. Here’s what we know so far:

He calls himself Goku/Son-Goku
When Trunks awakens in the current timeline and announces a new threat, naturally Vegeta thought the threat was the arrival of Majin Buu. Trunks retells his encounter with Dabura and Babadi’s attempt at awakening Buu and his success in defeating them. From there a new threat arrived claiming to be Goku and bearing a close resemblance to Earth’s fallen hero. Though his appearance matches Goku, Black is bent on total destruction and has been ridding the planet of humanity. The thing that stands out with his arrival is, how does he know who Goku is? By that time, Goku would have been dead well over 20 years, so whoever Black is must be older than Goku or at least around when Goku was alive. Or, perhaps Black met Goku in the other world which is how he got his appearance.

He wears one Potara Earring
This could be the biggest clue we see from Black given that the Potara Earring’s are worn by the Supreme Kai’s. Goku and Vegeta first encounter the Potara Earrings when battling Majin Buu as a last ditch effort in defeating him. So where did Black get the Potara Earring? A better question is, why is he wearing it? By focusing on the why rather than the where, we see Black as a being almost on the same level as the Supreme Kai’s. This could explain his strength and certain abilities he has. For one, he is able to detect Future Trunks ki rather than sensing it like the Z Warriors. That ability also allowed him to acknowledge that Future Trucks was no longer in that timeline. Another thing being Black wearing the Time Ring. Two items he carries belong to the Supreme Kai’s leads to a possible darker outcome. What if Black is wearing the Potara Earring and Time Ring because he defeated the Supreme Kai?


He uses dark ki energy
The dark ki energy that Black uses completely overwhelmed Trunks even though it’s shown that Trunks has reached Super Saiyan 2. His dark ki energy points to Black possibly from the other world or even belonging to the gods. A theory that has been passing around is Black being the God of Destruction in Future Trunks timeline. Though that is a possibility, the God of Destruction does maintain some composure rather than wiping everything out in sight. However, Trunks claims Black arrival came with his claim to rid everyone from Earth for Justice. We really don’t know Black’s true intention, but he somehow gained the power to complete what he came to Earth for. 

He recognizes Goku on sight
Seeing that Black arrived on Earth and announced himself as Goku, it’s surprising when he sees Goku firsthand and says “So you’re Son Goku.” That statement alone concludes that Black isn’t really Goku, nor a reincarnation of Goku. Since he resembles Goku by appearance, at one point or another Black became aware of who Goku is, or in this case, who he was. Adding the Potara Earrings, Time Ring, and Dark Ki, it’s clear that Black isn’t a Saiyan, but more of the God of some kind. Black could be the God of Destruction. He could be a fallen Kai who’s exacting revenge against all life, or even a warrior who can shape shift and choose’s Goku due to his fame on Earth. Whatever it may be, by the time of this writing, the next episode of Dragon Ball Super will have aired and possibly revealing more about Black. We do know that Goku and Black will face off, but what secrets will be find out will yet to be seen.

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