Cody Rhodes will appear next season on Arrow


Stephen Amell announced live via his Facebook today that there will be a new face coming to Star City next season, a new character played by former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes. If you are unfamiliar with Rhodes and Amell’s prior history, Cody Rhodes begin a feud with Stephen Amell back in August of last year. Following an incident at a RAW taping, Amell and then Stardust began a verbal war over Twitter than resulted in a match at last year’s Summerslam. There was a rumor that one more match was in the works, but it never came to fruition.

Just earlier this year, Cody Rhodes asked for and was released from his contract with the WWE. Shortly after his departure, he announced that he was interested in doing some acting. During today’s Heroes & Villains Fanfest in New Jersey, Stephen Amell started off the live Q&A panel by announcing Cody would appear in the show next season.

“Before we get going, we have an announcement,” Amell said during a panel the two appeared in together. “We have a new guest star on Arrow this year: Mr. Cody Rhodes. I’m so fired up for this guy; he and I haven’t really had much of a chance to talk about it but we’ve been friends for a little over a year now. I know that Cody has really wanted to get into the acting business. He went to LA, he read for a part, and his deal closed yesterday and the dude is going to be on Arrow and I’m so fired up.”

There is currently no word yet on who Cody will play next Season, but I suspect we will find out soon enough.

Arrow returns for Season 5 in October later this year.

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