New King of Fighters XIV trailers introduce Team South America, Villain and Official Invite


With King of Fighters XIV over a month away, it’s time to learn more about the other new faces that will be joining the fighting game. With E3 over, SNK and Atlus have been uploading more team trailer including Team Villain, Team Official Invite, and Team South America.

Team South America consists of three new faces. Bandeiras Hattori was first revealed alongside longtime fighter Mai Shiranui. Bandeiras is a self-trained ninja who practices the legitimately dangerous art of, uh, Brazilian ninjutsu, who wants to win the tournament to earn respect and get students for his dojo. He looks to be a very tricky character who’s dangerous when next to his opponent. You’ll notice in the trailer that he has the ability to switch sides, and if he can do that even during blocking, he might be someone to use for mix-ups.

Zarina is only the second character ever in the King of Fighters series to use Capoeira (the first one was Momoko from KoF XI) and is fighting to protect the rainforest. She has no problem beating up anyone in the name of nature. Zarina doesn’t have the most damage potential at least from what we’ve seen, however, that may not stop her depending on what type of mix-ups she may have.

The last member of Team South America is a boxer. No, not Heavy D!, but Nelson. Nelson is a boxing prodigy who lost one of his arms in an accident, that is until he received a cybernetic replacement. He reminds me a bit of Vanessa from previous King of Fighters with with links and dash ability, but he also reminds me a bit of Dudley from Street Fighter IV.


Chang and Choi have been in nearly King of Fighters game, and their move sets have been pretty identical in every year with the addition of a move or two. The trailer showcases a dangerous and powerful combo where Chang is able to juggle his opponent in the air with his ball and chain twice before squishing them. Choi wears an outfit that reminds you of Freddy Krueger.

Their new partner, Xanadu, is described as a Fanatic. It suits him just well as his fighting style is quite odd as he swings his arms around and carries his opponent around like a baby before crushing them and rolling them around.


Team Official Invitation is a bit of a mystery. We’ve seen a bit of Sylvie Paula Paula, a former member of NESTS and Kukri, but this is the first time we get to see more about the two and their partner, Mian.

Sylvie Paula Paula is a former member of the now-defunct Nests organization. She is also a bit of an oddball. Don’t let that fool you though as Sylvie’s body is modified to unleash electrical attacks, which looks to be dangerous in mid and close range. Watch out for her Climax special as it juggles or lock down opponents for a short time.

Kukri is a mystery. The hooded man can control sand freely, causing you to guess where the attack will be coming from. We’ve seen opponents who can control different element but none like Kukri. He can create sand clones of himself to teleport and get in his opponents and attack from the air before coming in to deal massive damage. He sort of reminds me of Gaara from Naruto.

The last member of the Official Invitation Team is Mian. She is skilled in Bian Lian (the art of face-changing), a Chinese dramatic art where her moves are elegant and beautiful as they are dangerous. She seems to be able to control the mid-range well and has a few ways to get in on her opponent.

King of Fighters XIV releases on August 23rd exclusively on the PlayStation 4. Atlus is also bringing King of Fighter XIV to numerous tournaments and gaming events like Wednesday Night Fights. Keep an eye on its Facebook page and the King of Fighters XIV page for more information.

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