Let the mojo flow with Full Mojo Rampage (PS4 review)


Prepare yourself to get into a heaping pile of voodoo magic and all the dangers that it entails. Full Mojo Rampage is a twin stick rogue RPG where you gain as must knowledge as possible to become a powerful voodoo apprentice. With the game’s randomly generated maps and environments, two playthroughs are never the same. You also have so many customization options that it will be far-fetched to find another player with the same setup. The game features multiple single-player campaigns, an endless mode, 4-player cooperative (2 local and 4 online) and 8-player competitive modes online.



The game is a twin stick shooter that really tests your ability to kill enemies rushing at you while dodging hazards and projectiles. Full Mojo Rampage does not pull any punches when it comes to difficulty, even on normal. After clearing a specific story, you’re able to replay it on harder difficulties. There are 6 total, each with their own specific set of modifications on the gameplay such as stronger enemies or dropping bombs upon death.

By the time you clear all the stories and the bonus Night of the Dead Spirits, your voodoo skills should be decently powered up enough to take on the survival and endless modes. These feature unlimited enemies for as long as you can go while racking up a score to post on the leaderboards. There is also a Daily Quest like fastest clear times against online players. Each level also has bonus locations and secrets on the map which provide extra items (mojos), shops to buy or sell inventory for more gold, and even the powerful mojo mixer that allows you to combine two items. Combining gear is important because you will often find yourself with more mojos and other items than you can carry, especially while playing solo.

Boss battles are another highlight. They generally appear twice in each chapter, and each center around various voodoo themes such as skeletons, snakes, eyeballs and many more. Each boss has their own specific patterns, and being able to recognize and counter them will decide who leaves alive.

The biggest downside is the story being told on a very minimalist level. Each quest has its own unique mini story, but besides a 1-2 sentence synopsis of what’s happening, it is only mentioned at the beginning and end of the quest. I only played a few matches of the online modes like Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and King of the Moo, and the servers online functioned well with little hiccups or fits of lag during the time I invested in the modes.


Character Customization and Abilities

My first few runs ended either in the first stage or at the first sub-boss, due to its rogue-like nature. When you die, you lose everything besides money, medals and profile experience. As your profile level increases, you’re able to increase your amount of pins in your voodoo doll and its base stats including Health, Attack, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed. Money will allow you to upgrade the various pins you have found while exploring, and these effects will range from block chances, elemental damage, or even further increasing your base stats. Medals are mostly used to unlock new parent LOAs which are the deities your voodoo doll worships in exchange for special abilities such as dodge rolls, bombs, or other attacks and utility style moves. They are also used for various masks which are purely cosmetic changes. Finally you can spend both gold and medals to unlock blessings which give you specific bonuses exclusively on your next attempt.

When you begin you only have 2 slots for equipment and 3 for items in your inventory. You will randomly find bags in red or gold to increase these, respectively, while on your current run. One of my biggest complaints when it comes to any RPG game is not being able to stack multiples of the same item, and in with Full Mojo Rampage, I often found myself having to forego a potion in order to carry more mojos until I could find a mixer to combine them. Also all spaces on the quest map are one chance opportunities. Once you enter and leave, there is no returning if you didn’t have enough gold to purchase an item or etc.


Final Reaction

Overall I really enjoyed my time with Full Mojo Rampage. Both the audio and video design are great and truly fit the overall theme. The learning curve is a bit steep with such a huge variety of enemies, with certain similar looking ones having extra abilities that sometimes hit you before you realize they are different. Each of my playthroughs was completely unique. I did come across a few of the same items, but this was a very rare occasion which forced me to keep adjusting my playstyle on the fly for every quest. The game can be very unforgiving at times, but after you play enough and begin to upgrade your character, you quickly find yourself taking on more enemies with each of them being bigger and badder than before. It is a great pick up for any fans of twin-stick shooters or rogue-like games.

Final Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

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