Defend the Last City with KontrolFreek’s Destiny CQC Thumbsticks (PS4 review)

For years gamers have been trying to get a competitive edge and hone their skills. And for years now, KontrolFreek has been the trusted brand in helping to improve your

Deadpool appears in X-Men: Apocalypse trailer

Looks like Fox did a cross promotion for two of its big hits, Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse. In a trailer released for the Japanese theatrical launch of X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool shows

The New Day’s Xavier Woods vs. The Bullet Club’s Kenny Omega in Street Fighter V

In the past few months, there has been a “kayfabe” back and forth challenge between WWE’s Xavier Woods and New Japan Pro Wrestler and current leader of the Bullet Club, Kenny

The Stanley Parable: Gems of the Steam Summer Sale

By Kevin Casper It’s Day 4 of the Steam Summer Sale and there are so many fantastic games I wanted to talk about, such as the original BioShock or Fallout

Ben 10 reboot coming in 2017 with a new look

Ben, Gwen and Uncle Max are returning in 2017 with a brand new Ben 10 cartoon. This isn’t exactly a new series but will “introduce a re-imagined Ben, his cousin

Disgaea: Gems of the Steam Summer Sale

By Kevin Casper It’s Day 3 of the 2016 Steam Summer Sale! Today’s gem spotlight is Disgaea PC, a remastered version of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness on PS2, and includes

Watch Suicide Squad’s ‘Sucker for Pain’ music video with Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Imagine Dragons

The new Ghostbusters theme song by Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott was released this week with negative reactions. Now we have a new song from another summer movie, Suicide

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Director’s Cut – Blu-ray Review

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is highly regarded as one of the best Star Trek films ever made. Admittedly, I never was big on Star Trek but Wrath

E3: Hands-on Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan took the world by storm when it was released, and with good reason. It featured towering enemies that are bent on destruction and a military relying on speed

Sensitivity Training – LA Film Fest Review

There’s something about an “odd couple” that seems to work well in comedies. Ever since the idea became popular back in 1965 with Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple,” there have

For those who wanted a gay Captain America, here he is!

Captain America was trending on social media thanks to the recent release of Captain America: Civil War. One hashtag movement, #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, wanted Captain America to become a gay hero. For

Viola Davis jokingly wanted to pepper spray Jared Leto for Suicide Squad prank

Jared Leto is an actor who likes to be engrossed in his role. Since he’s playing the Joker in Suicide Squad, he has taken on the crazy mentality by sending

New Star Wars’ Rogue One beach photos plus James Earl Jones to voice Darth Vader

(Image credit: Jonathan Olley/2016 Lucasfilm Ltd.) This week has been a good week for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story news. It’s reported that Darth Vader will be making an appearance

People are bashing the new Ghostbusters theme song by Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot

With the Ghostbusters reboot hitting theaters next month, Fall Out Boy has released its new Ghostbusters theme song featuring rapper Missy Elliot. As with the new movie, fans aren’t particularly fond

Bully: Gems of the Steam Summer Sale

By Kevin Casper The Steam Summer Sale is on and there are plenty of games worth checking out, but I’m shining a spotlight on one of the highlighted games each

Natsume giving new life to classic Nintendo games

This year was a nice change of pace for Natsume. It wasn’t a surprise when the company announced a new Harvest Moon game, but it was the other two releases

British duo Jack and Dean premiere ‘Jack & Dean of All Trades’ on Fullscreen

Jack & Dean of All Trades finally premieres this week on new streaming service Fullscreen. The British comedy duo, Jack and Dean (Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs), who first appeared

Flying away from reality with the Gear VR

(Image credit: Samsung) By Kevin Casper While desperately avoiding the slippery slope of following up some recent PC upgrades with an HTC Vive, I recently opted to pick up the

PDP to release amiibo stages based on classic Nintendo gaming moments

Sure Nintendo’s amiibo line may not be as popular as it was this time last year, but for those who still collect their favorite characters, you really want to be

Turn your Android smartphone into a Gameboy with Smartboy

While Hyperkin is best known for their retro console releases such as the Retron 5 and the Supaboy, it will be adding a portable Gameboy system to that list, well sort