Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition gets early positive reviews, plus watch the first 10 minutes


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was panned by critics and received mixed fan reactions. Will the new Ultimate Edition, which is now available on Digital HD, change their minds? Maybe. Early reviews are coming in from critics, and they are enjoying it more than the theatrical cut.

But first, check out the first 10-minutes of Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition below.

Here are the critics reactions and reviews:


“Fortunately, the Ultimate Edition improves upon many of the film’s biggest narrative shortcomings – clarifying and/or outright answering a number of questions that had, previously, presented major plot holes and often undermined the intelligence and integrity of Batman V Superman‘s starring heroes.”


“The result is proof that Batman v Superman was meant to be more than the theatrical cut, and if most critics and audiences had a chance to see Snyder’s intended vision back in March, then it probably would’ve had a better reception. Again, those who hated this movie because of tone and/or the deconstructive elements might still dislike it overall, and some of those who like this version better might still find it flawed, but overall I think the consensus will favor this extended cut by a wide margin and rehabilitate the film’s reputation going forward. That 27% Rotten Tomatoes score would surely be many points higher, perhaps even into the 50+% range, if the Ultimate Edition had been the theatrical cut we saw earlier this year. And in ten years, I think hindsight will even further improve Batman v Superman’s reputation, and overturn the excessive and wrongheaded damage done to Zack Snyder’s reputation, as this de facto director’s cut takes root as the definitive and intended incarnation of the film.”

Heroic Hollywood

“Turns out the big issue with the theatrical cut is editing. This happens in every film, but it wasn’t any more prevalent that editing hindered the story of the film until watching the final cut. This version, while longer than the theatrical, just flows a lot better. There are great character building moments for many of the main characters that absolutely should have remained in the film. Fans who purchase the digital or Blu-Ray might be pulling their hair out wondering why specific scenes were removed from the film after seeing this. Lex Luthor is a better character and his diabolical plot makes more sense. The scene in Africa is fully fleshed out. Batman’s motivation is much clearer, and we get to see more kickass Batman scenes. Clark Kent has his own arc where you get to see him do some actual reporter work. Even Superman even smiles! A few of the existing problems in the film remain, but overall this film is 100% better with all the cut scenes in it.”

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