Where you can try the PlayStation VR for yourself


If you were paying attention to E3 at all this year, then you know that VR dominated most of the attention. It seemed like each major press event had some sort of nod or reference to VR. Sony, who most people claim “won” E3, announced their VR for the PlayStation that is set to come out later this fall at a whopping $399. With E3 now over, most PlayStation enthusiasts don’t want to wait till later this year to be able to try out the VR. Well good news, they don’t have to.

Sony has released 300 preview versions of the VR headset through out the U.S. Since GameStop and Best Buy are Sony’s primary retail partners, the headsets will be available at select store locations. Since there is usually either store in most major cities and their surrounding areas, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a location near you.

The catch is that not every Best Buy or GameStop will have a headset and those that do won’t have it available all the time. Instead, the select stores that have the headset will have it available to demo only when Sony reps are able to be there in person.

To assist you in finding a location nearest you to demo the new VR, Sony has provided a search tool to find the closest location. You can check for yourself here.

What do you think about the PlayStation VR? Will you be looking for the nearest demo to you? Keep the conversation going in the comments below.

Source: Digital Trends

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