New gameplay for System Shock Remake; demo available tomorrow


With the Kickstarter a mere day away (turns out it’s the 28th not 29th), Polygon has released a video of the demo for System Shock Remastered (now just called System Shock). This demo will be available tomorrow at 12 PM PST on Steam, GOG, and Humble to coincide with the Kickstarter.

The demo is in its alpha-stages so don’t fret too much about the poor hit-detection on enemies, but the game looks absolutely gorgeous running on the Unity Engine. Colorful lighting makes the colorful textures pop out despite the game’s dark tone. If you played the original System Shock, you know that it was more about action than horror. Looks as if the developers at Night Dive Studios wanted to give this game a more BioShock feel, which is appropriate considering BioShock is a spiritual successor to System Shock.

Keep in mind, this is only the beginning of what we’ll see of the beloved franchise in the coming years. System Shock 3 is being worked on by Otherside Entertainment with industry legend Warren Spector as the Studio Director.

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