Ibuki, Balrog and Street Fighter V’s Cinematic Story Mode coming this Friday

street fighter v juri

Capcom wasn’t able to deliver the Street Fighter V cinematic story mode and Ibuki in the month of June, but the wait won’t be too long. Following the conclusion of the Street Fighter V Top 8 matches, Capcom revealed that Balrog, along with Ibuki and the story mode, will be available this Friday.

Alongside the announcement, we also saw more of Balrog which highlights his V-Skill, the Buffalo Headbutt (a move often used to link into his Ultra 1 in Street Fighter IV), and his V-Trigger, which allows him to attack with a fury of punches. One thing is for sure, make sure to keep your distance since he looks a lot more dangerous in Street Fighter V when he is in close range.

The end of the trailer also showcased a bit about the remaining two DLC characters, Juri and Urien, who will be released in the following months.

It was also confirmed that Ibuki and Balrog will be legal to use at EVO 2016. Will we see many pro players using either one with only a few weeks left before the big tournament?

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