How long will we exist? C2H6O Science!

There are so many questions we ask as humans on a daily basis, that question our entire existence. On top of that, we tend to ask ourselves things like: “Will we be here in 500 years? What will the environment be like? Will Earth still exist? Will most of the human race expand throughout the universe?” And so, so much more.

There are a few possibilities that come from this, that could deem themselves worthy and be possible. For example, it could be possible that within the next 500 years, the human race could expand throughout the universe and find new lands, new planets to live on, or even thrive off of a spacecraft.

When you think about this possibility, you tend to think about Star Trek and Mass Effect, am I right? But think about it, how far off from fantasy is Star Trek actually? The answer is not so much. It’s something that we could accomplish in 500 years, especially with the progress we’re making as a human race, and the technology we are creating on a daily basis.

This also brings Mars in to play, I believe. If we want to get humans to Mars by 2025, or as Elon Musk says, then who knows that we could find there? 2025 is only 9 years away, and if Mars ends up being something that is possible for us to survive on in the future, then shortly after our visit, we might begin to work on technology that will bring us to the red planet, and make it habitable to live on.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

From there, we could explore different planets, because if our technology is good enough to get us all the way to Mars, we could expand our horizons and go elsewhere.

As most of you know this or have probably even thought much beyond this, I’m sure you’ve all equally thought of the opposite possibility to this one. What if we don’t exist within the next hundred years?

I don’t mean us ourselves as individuals, but rather, what if the human race no longer exists? With the way the world is, there are so many things that could happen between now and then that could doom us. We could run out of food, we can cause mass extinction, or the universe could end up making us pay and cause something like the insanity that caused the dinosaurs to go extinct.

Just as the positive side of one reality is possible, so is the negative side. But which one do you think will end up being more possible? Could we come to a middle ground?

Next week on Thursday at 6:30 pm PST, C2H6O Science will go live with another show where we discus this topic, and how possible it could be or could not be! In the meantime, we want to hear your opinions and thoughts on the matter, and hope to see you in the comment section when we do go live!

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