Bryan Cranston on why he’s doing the Power Rangers movie


One of the biggest news for the Power Rangers movie was the casting of Bryan Cranston as Zordon. This isn’t the first time he’s involved in a Power Rangers project since he did voice work for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. However, the actor has been taking on serious roles recently, and during a press event for The Infiltrator, he reveals why he’s interested in playing Zordon in the upcoming superhero film.

“I would NOT have accepted the role if it was not for the script being so good,” Cranston tells Nuke the Fridge. “They have completely changed the tone. It is not the television series at all. It’s a fully realized updated reimagined approach to telling this SUPERHERO story. I haven’t done a superhero story and I was intrigued. I think this sounds interesting. Let’s try it!”

The film is directed by Dean Israelite (Project Almanac) and stars Dacre Montgomery as The Red Ranger, Becky G as The Yellow Ranger, RJ Cyler as The Blue Ranger, Naomi Scott as The Pink Ranger, Ludi Lin as The Black Ranger, and Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa.

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Power Rangers hits theaters on March 24, 2017.

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