Hands-on with Sonic Boom Fire and Ice


Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice for the Nintendo 3DS was originally supposed to come out in fall of last year. Sega decided to push back the game’s release date in order to give developer Sanzaru Games more time to work on it, and at the same time have a Sonic title to release on Sonic’s 25th anniversary.

I had a chance to play a bit of the current build of Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice during E3, and I have to admit it’s actually pretty fun. It’s more or less the same exact game as Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, with a new mode and new character with Amy Rose joins the cast raising the roster to six characters now. What I really like about it was that it played more like a traditional Sonic game while still being different. It’s something longtime fans of Sonic can enjoy as well as new fans.

The game is broken down into different gameplay stages. You have your traditional Sonic action stages which add a bit of adventure where you can usually found different routes to explore as you search to find the exit. Two, I really enjoyed Sonic 2’s special stage, where your goal is to reach the end of the level by collecting coins, avoiding traps and obstacles as well as Sonic Rival’s versus Racing. Both of theses were in Shattered Crystal, but two modes I really enjoyed playing often, the only thing I wasn’t sure of was if Fire and Ice would only be using robots for this mode or is Sonic will be racing in later stages.

One of the biggest additions to the game is the ability to switch between Fire and Ice. They have their own use such as freezing the ground or melt ice blocks. It’s a bit frustrating to get used to this mechanic, as you will need to be able to sometimes switch quickly using the L and R button. This is really apparent during races and the special Sonic 2-themed stages, where you will need to switch between elements to get through certain areas or instantly die.


Another new addition to the game is Amy Rose. While she was in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, she was absent in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal and was replaced by Styx. With Amy added to the roster, you now can switch freely between six characters, and for the most part, you can stick with your favorite character for a majority of each action stage. Just from the first few stages I was able to play, it seems like it’s already going to be as enjoyable if not even more than Shattered Crystal.

It just will take some time to get used to.

Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice will release exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on September 27, 2016.

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