Defend the Last City with KontrolFreek’s Destiny CQC Thumbsticks (PS4 review)


For years gamers have been trying to get a competitive edge and hone their skills. And for years now, KontrolFreek has been the trusted brand in helping to improve your FPS skill with their signature Thumbsticks. In their never-ending quest to appease all types and styles of competitive gaming, and just in time for Destiny: Rise of Iron, KontrolFreek has the Destiny CQC Signature Edition. With the quality and comfort KontrolFreek has been known for, the Destiny CQC aims to enhance your FPS skills in both closed quarter combat as well as long range. Having never used controller thumbstick enhancers before, I was eager to try them and see how well it can improve my gameplay. With the more research I did before trying them on, it made me more curious with each review and testimonial I read about them.


  • Increases thumbstick height by up to 7.1mm
  • Hybrid convex/concave thumb surface for intense control and accuracy in all gameplay scenarios
  • Designed specifically for use with Destiny
  • Tire-tread outer ridges provide outstanding grip

The first thing that stood out about the Destiny CQC thumbsticks was how comfortable they are. They really make it easy for me to use the dual joysticks without losing grip. The Destiny logo imprinted on them is more than just looks, it kept my thumbs from sliding too much from the joystick. During intense matches, the CQC allowed me to make quick movements with ease. The added ‘tire-tread outer ridges’ adds to the comfort and access to the joystick by providing added grip on the sides for more control.

Hands On

At first the Destiny CQC felt a bit awkward and hard to use. The added height is minimal but enough to throw your game off. Once I got used to it, it felt more natural and easier to maneuver during game play. What I thought was surprising was the way I can slightly fine tune my aiming to get a better shot, rather than trying to get a headshot and miss completely. I played several Crucible as well as Strikes using the CQC and without them. I found myself wanting them on more and more given the added comfort. I wasn’t really sure how the CQC would enhance my gameplay, but with the 7.1mm height, it was enough to really feel more in control in my aiming. I added a video of a quick Skirmish gameplay, and though I may not be the best, it was one of my better sessions once I added CQC.

Throughout the video you can see little by little how I got used to the CQC during gameplay. My cornering and turning gets tighter, my aiming more precise, and the whole time it feels really comfortable on my thumbs. I didn’t expect something so simple would enhance my control but it does, and I never take them off, now that I’m used to them.

Final Reaction

KontrolFreek has spent the past few years perfecting their thumbsticks, making each one unique to the user and play style. The Destiny CQC is no exception to their quality as it handles both close quarter combat and long range with precision and ease. As I’m using them, I can see that they are not for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a shot for those trying to step up their game. The Destiny CQC Signature Edition is designed for all levels of Destiny players from hardcore raiders to PvP players, making it a must have for all.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

You can purchase the Destiny CQC Signature Edition Thumbsticks and others at KontrolFreek!

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