Turn your Android smartphone into a Gameboy with Smartboy


While Hyperkin is best known for their retro console releases such as the Retron 5 and the Supaboy, it will be adding a portable Gameboy system to that list, well sort of. The Smartboy is actually an attachment that lets you turn your Android Smartphone into a Gameboy system with full functioning buttons as well as a Gameboy cartridge slot on the back.

Think of it like playing an emulator on your phone, except you feel better about yourself since you are actually using a Gameboy cartridge to play with. While it looks great with the SamSung S7, it may not be so great for every phone depending on where your micro USB port is located and size of your screen since it turns the top half of your phone turns into your gaming screen.

While Hyperkin feels confident about the Smartboy, it knows there is room for improvement and will be releasing the Smartboy Development Kits where it hopes that developers can further “improve the Smartboy’s serial app and firmware”. Hyperkin will offer a royalty percentage as a reward for each Smartboy sold to anyone who helps contribute to software development. Will this be able to compare or beat the option of playing on an original handheld system? It’s something to keep an eye out for.

What do you think about the Smartboy? Is it a neat concept or just a gimmick?

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