PDP to release amiibo stages based on classic Nintendo gaming moments

Sure Nintendo’s amiibo line may not be as popular as it was this time last year, but for those who still collect their favorite characters, you really want to be able to display them properly and in all their glory. While there haven’t been a huge release of amiibo stands, Performance Design Products (PDP) showcased three different stands during E3 2016, and they will be coming later this summer.


This first one takes you back to the ’80s a time where a giant ape was tossing barrels at a guy who could jump over them. The Donkey Kong display features 9 different slots for you to place any of your amiibo, complete with a fun color scheme and retro look. It isn’t a bad deal for $19.99.


As a Zelda fan, this one really caught my attention. The Musical Master Sword Stylus Display holds one amiibo, and if you pull out the replica master sword, it will cause the stand to play music. Putting it back in will trigger a sound effect. While I wasn’t able to hear the tunes, I can venture a guess what may be playing. This stand will run you $14.99 and is a nice way to display any or all of your Zelda amiibo.


Another blast from the past with a fun “twist” is The Spinning Fire Bar Display. It will take you back to those days of dread as you tried to dodge the spinning fire bars as you made your way to Koopa in order to rescue the princess (who was in another castle). The fire bar winds up, meaning you can have plenty of fun playing with it as you place your amiibo of choice on top. This will also run $14.99.

All three amiibo stands will release in August.

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