Natsume giving new life to classic Nintendo games


This year was a nice change of pace for Natsume. It wasn’t a surprise when the company announced a new Harvest Moon game, but it was the other two releases coming this year that really bring back some fond moments in gaming for myself.

Wild Guns: Reloaded


Wild Guns was a game I spent hours playing with my friends back in the Super Nintendo days. It wasn’t your normal action game, instead it was a shooting gallery game that really had that classic arcade shooter feel, with the added bonus where you were able to walk and dodge enemy gunfire like a real cowboy. The Super Nintendo version featured two players, Clint and Annie, as they faced everything from cowboys to giant robots.

Natsume revealed that Wild Guns Reloaded was coming to the PlayStation 4 this Fall. The game features improved visuals, new enemies, new stages and two new characters, making the game support up to 4-players together. It’s everything you enjoyed from the original game plus a lot more, which is thanks to the original developers working on the title which is quite surprising since it’s been 22 years since the game was originally released.

I’m pretty happy that Natsume is releasing an updated version of the game with new content. With the original SNES version running for around $140 plus, whenever I want my fix of some steampunk cowboy action, I get my Wii U ready for some virtual console action. Now that I can play it on my PlayStation 4 with three other friends, we don’t have to take turn passing the controllers back and forth since every action-packed moment of the original is there to enjoy.

The game will be available digitally, but there are plans to release a physical edition as well.

The fun memories!

River City: Tokyo Rumble

Kunio’s back and this time, he isn’t alone. You can team up or use different fighters from the River City series including Kunio’s rival Riki. It’s been 27 years since River City Ransom was released on the NES, and River City: Tokyo Rumble is a nice way to enjoy the new while appreciating the old.


After a nefarious gang moves into Tokyo to try to take it over, Kunio, the self-proclaimed “fighter for justice”, will face off against the threat as he tries to make the streets safe again. Kunio won’t be alone this time as his rival, Riki, will be playable, as well as other fighters from the River City series. Developed by Arc System Works, the game has that old school beat ’em up feel to them, where Kunio will be able to punch, kick, throw or even beat his opponents up with other opponents (it’s pretty hilarious). Kunio will also be able to use different items he finds, or enemies may drop while also collecting money to buy new outfits, health or even new moves.

Players will be able to travel through different areas of Japan in the main story, or take a break and play either the 4-man rumble, where you can take on 3 other people via local play or download play to see who is the best. My favorite though was playing a game of dodgeball against the CPU, yes Super Dodgeball returns in River City: Tokyo Rumble, because why not!

Coming this summer for the Nintendo 3DS, this is just too much fun not to try!

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village


I wasn’t a big fan of Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley since it was a bit too Minecraft-y for me, but Harvest Moon has always had a special place for me since the first game on the Super Nintendo. Every year something new gets added to try to keep the series fresh, and it’s been a mixed bag if it works or not.

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village is a nice change in a better direction. Sure it still has the terrain-altering abilities, but it’s not a main focus in the game. You can create and customize your own character, either male or female, and we already had an established farm in the E3 demo complete with vegetation ready to pick and animals in the farm including the new Poitou donkey.

The game will feature six different love interests, three bachelors and three bachelorettes. The town in the game evolves as you grow your farm and sell your items, helping the Skytree grow which is a nice change of pace. While we’ve seen Natsume working to find a new niche that works for them after XSEED began localizing the Bokujō Monogatari  (known as Story of Seasons), it looks like Natsume is right back on track since Harvest Moon: Skytree Village looks so much better than the last two HM games.

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village will release on the Nintendo 3DS this Fall.

It’s a great line up for Natsume, especially with two games that will really catch the attention of older games who grew up on the NES and SNES.

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