E3: Hands-on Nyko Charge Blocks


At E3 most of the coverage and major announcements revolve around the video games, as they should. That doesn’t mean, however, that there are not tons of great new peripherals and accessories being announced as well. We were invited to take a tour of the Nyko booth, and one new accessory that impressed us were the soon-to-be released Nyko Charge Blocks.

Nyko has built a strong reputation in its creation of innovative and affordable console accessories. That reputation is continued with the Charge Block. The Charge Block is a drop and charge dock for your controllers’ batteries, but with a modular twist. You can purchase the charge kit in Xbox One or PlayStation 4 compatibility in quantities of one or two. What’s unique is that one power source will power up to four Power Blocks, and you can mix and match them based on which controllers you have. I happen to live in a mixed-console household, and the struggle is real when it comes to either buying two different charging units for each console. For me, I could buy both the Xbox One and PS4 “Duo” packages of the Nyko Charge Blocks, assemble them together in-line and only take up one wall outlet. I also have the benefit of all my controllers in one place, on one attractive charge base.

The Charge Blocks will be available September 2016. The Xbox Solo version will cost $20, while the PS4 version will cost $15. The Xbox Duo version will MSRP for $30, and the PS4 duo is set for $25.

Check out the PRESS RELEASE to check out more details on the Nyko Charge Blocks and other sweet gear announcements from E3 2016.



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