E3: Hands-on Attack on Titan


Attack on Titan took the world by storm when it was released, and with good reason. It featured towering enemies that are bent on destruction and a military relying on speed and strategy to defeat the giants. I was able to get hands-on time with the demo during E3, and it did not disappoint.

It was segmented into three sections: training to learn how to move and attack, a Mikasa demo where you must defend the city from an army of Titans, and a Titan demo where you’re able to play as a Titan to kill the other Titans.


Due to time constraints and my usual ability to figure out Koei Tecmo games, I decided to skip the tutorial stage. This led to me flailing Mikasa around aimlessly for about 3-4 minutes due to the size of the maps as well as not knowing how to lock onto the Titans. Once I figured out this key step, I was on my way amputating and subjugating just like they do in the anime, minus the whole getting grabbed and nearly eaten thing. I quickly learned after my first game over screen that this was not the case for my NPC allies. After clearing the first part of the stage, two allies called out for help as they were struggling with their respective Titans. I quickly moved to one and dispatched it quickly, however, I realized I was out of fuel and was forced to sluggishly pull myself across the map, but it was nowhere near the pace I needed in order to save my ally, Armin. Regardless of my result, the game was fast paced and very fun. I truly felt like I was in the anime each time I cut down one of the giant menaces.


The final mode available was Titan mode, where you get to play as a Titan and thrash about inside the city in an all-out brawl against groups of enemy Titans. This mode is much simpler, and in the demo, there was no penalty for destruction of the city, so I decided to throw caution out the window and go for maximum damage.  When playing a Titan, you have a melee attack that will subjugate smaller Titans in one shot and larger in one to two, depending on where you strike. You also have a throw attack where you can pick up another Titan and, well, toss them. Your final attack is your rage attack which can be unleashed for a devastating longer range and bigger area of effect attack that is sure to subjugate any Titans within range. This mode felt very similar to other Koei Tecmo games yet was still gratuitously fun.

Overall Attack on Titan was way more interesting and fun than I had expected. There is supposed to be co-op when the final version releases, which sounds like it will be a blast. Overall it isn’t the best graphically, but it is one of many that is closest to its anime counterparts that I have played in a while. The action is fast-paced, stylish and fun that rewards you for clean executions. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on this game and continue my rampage of subjugating any Titan who dares stand before me.

Attack on Titan will release on the PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One, and PC on August 30, 2016.

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