Japanese government going after anime pirates

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This is One Piece come to life. It’s the government vs pirates, and the government has employed a pirate hunter to go after anime pirates.

The Japanese government has upgraded its piracy countermeasures for illegal anime uploads. It has hired a person to search the web for any illegal uploads of anime online. Right at this moment, a vast number of anime is uploaded for people to watch.

Until now the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry used an automated way of detecting copyrighted materials that were uploaded illegally. But that method was proving less and less effective. By changing a small part of the original video, the computer can’t tell that it is an illegal upload and would bypass the filters.

Starting next week it will put this plan into action and have the user personally search sites that offer streaming and downloadable content to see if it violated copyrighted materials. If the user finds that the site has violated any laws, the Ministry will explore any available legal actions. Currently, only one person has been hired for this job and this person is said to be knowledgeable about anime, movies, and where to look for illegal videos.

This will be an interesting to see where this goes and what it leads to. I know many people that get their anime online both streaming and downloading. Some do it because there are just some anime not available here in America and I’m not talking about hentai either.

What are your thoughts about this? Let us know.

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