God of War’s take on Norse mythology

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When the God of War gameplay video premiered during E3 3016, many fans were surprised to see Kratos in a new setting with a different gameplay style. Instead of the familiar hack-and-slash mechanics, the video showed a style closely resembling Demon Souls. With Kratos pretty much wiping out the Greek gods off the map, what’s next for the vengeful protagonist? Norse mythology.

During a GameSpot interview, game director Corey Barlog reveals the era of the new God of War game. People associate vikings with Norse mythology, but Barlog says that this isn’t about vikings. This game takes place before the age of vikings.

“A lot of people think Norse, they think viking, but there’s really this amazing prehistory — the migration, and then prior to that, the pre-migration era,” Barlog said.

“In the viking era, they always talked about, ‘The gods have abandoned us.’ Thor and Loki and Odin all walked the Earth at one point, but they’re not around any more,” he said. “[The vikings] fight for them, but they’re not there. This idea that we’re at is saying, ‘We’re at a prehistory point, where gods did walk the Earth, when monsters were real, before they became extinct.'”

Sony’s Santa Monica studio is definitely going to have some fun with making this game.

Barlog said, “It’s a fun space to be in because it allows us to paint our own image of Norse mythology as opposed to anyone else’s.”

What do you think of the new take on the God of War series?


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