Rocket League: Neo Tokyo update is live

With all the ’80s games and news coming out of the woodworks, the folks over at Rocket League weren’t planning on falling behind and thus have released a very neon-colored expansion to their highly-successful racing/soccer hybrid with the Neo Tokyo update!

RL_Pillars2 neotokyo_arena-1650x880

Even the feature page is blindingly neon!

Even the feature page is blindingly neon!

With an all new arena, items, returning vehicles, not to mention new color trails for those who have competed in ranked and have achieved at least the rank of Prospect will get a new color added to their jet stream when they boost! So for those of you who are big time players or just casual once-in-a-whilers, get yourself back on Rocket League and get yourself some multicolored goodness!

Source: Rocket League

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