Mighty No. 9 reviews are in, and they aren’t good


In the perfect world, tomorrow’s release of Mighty No.9 should’ve be filled with excitement from fans who have been waiting for a new Mega Man-like experience, after Comcept’s Kickstarter raised more than $4 million. Instead, the game has been met with so much anger and criticism, which is warranted, due to how Deep Silver and Comcept have moved forward with lack of information to all of the backers, constant delays, and more recently, the English trailer that tried to be cool, but failed horribly. I don’t know who signed off on that terrible “anime fans on prom night joke,” I am still wondering how that even got approved! Did marketing just not care?! Check it out:

Reviews for the game have just now started to come out. Destructoid gave the game a score of 6.5, IGN  gave it a 5.6, a 5.5 from PlayStation Universe, and a 55 out of 100 from Xbox Achievements. It’s not all bad, however, as Eurogamer called Mighty No. 9. “arguably Keiji Inafune’s best work to date.” But how do the backers who helped make this game a reality feel about the game? Well, in all honesty, they can’t say much, as Comcept/Deep Silver haven’t even sent out any codes to the backers, which is pretty idiotic at this point. The only people who have gotten the codes are reviewers and a few streamers, while a few places have already broken street date, allowing people to already play the game.

Sure, backers knew that the physical rewards wouldn’t be released until after the game launches, but you would think that they would at least get the digital codes before release. No word yet on when those will actually be released, since the Mighty No. 9 backer page has kept quiet about this vital piece of information. I have to say, as a backer who put $60 into this game, I feel less excited for the game than when I did in 2014 and 2015, when Inafune came to the Anime Expo to talk about the game and Red Ash. I actually just don’t even care anymore, which is actually kind of sad.


This is why I feel it’s imperative that companies communicate with their backers and fans. If things go wrong, let the people know! Sure, there are people who will get mad, and that’s natural, but they can easily forgive, as they look forward to seeing the project that they spent money to help fund come together and finally release. But just staying silent and hiding information will just piss off people, and will, sadly, begin to turn away future customers.

Stay tuned for our review of Mighty No. 9.

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