Death’s Gambit: A good look at a great side-scroller

With E3 just ending, we got to see and experience some great games. Not just from the big game companies, however, but also indie developers, as well. Death’s Gambit falls into the latter, and is a really great indie game! Developed by White Rabbit Studio and published by Adult Swim Games, the game offers a bit of a Castlevania look with a bit of Dark Souls style.
This game had a little bit of a spotlight back in 2014, giving us a glimpse of what the game would be like, from the dark and grim levels, to action-packed battles. As with this type of game, you can expect to battle a lot of great beasts, soldiers, and knights, not including whatever horrors that await at the next level.
At this year’s E3, we got to look more at the gameplay, art design and many ways to defeat enemies. The game allows you to look and hunt for ferocious beasts and boss monsters, with each of the battles being unique, and requiring a different battle strategy to succeed. This game will have you visit different types of levels, from frozen tundras to grim and dark forests. Visually, Death’s Gambit will have you feeling a bit of nostalgia if you have played any old-school side-scroller game. You have the ability to use spells and build weapons that can accommodate almost any situation during battles. Plus, you are equipped with a nice grappling hook to help you climb, scale, and explore the different terrain in the game.
Here is a look at the reveal trailer for Death’s Gambit:

 While there is not a set date yet for the game, we know that it will be available in 2017 on the PS4.
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