Day of Infamy mod to become standalone game


The popular WWII Insurgency mod Day of Infamy is going to be getting a commercial release from developer New World Interactive this year on Steam. Day of Infamy is blatantly based on the Valve WWII shooter Day of Defeat, and plans for its commercial release have been met with Valve’s blessing. Day of Infamy however, will be taking Insurgency‘s more realistic approach to combat rather than Day of Defeat‘s approach with the use of realistic weapon mechanics such as bullet drop and the lack of crosshairs.

What Valve’s support means for DOI is that a number of DOD maps will be making the jump over such as Ramelle, Caen, Avalanche, and Thunder. Some confirmed features include the ability to play as the U.S., British, and German forces, as well as a variety of unique classes, one of which is the radio operator who will allow the officer to call in artillery strikes. The game will be available on Steam Early Access in July for PC and Mac for only $20. Until then, you can take a look at this announcement trailer.

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