The Flash director “runs into” Flash and Cyborg



Rick Famuyiwa, the newly crowned director of the upcoming big-screen DC film, The Flash, has already started working to make the film everything Flash fans want. The Flash is already a CW show, starring Grant Gustin, but this DC cinematic universe version will be played by Ezra Miller. It looks as though Famuyiwa – who is known for his critically acclaimed independent film Dope (Which I highly recommend watching) – is currently in London checking out the set of the first Justice League film, and “ran into” some of his future team. With both Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher there, who is rumored to have a role in the film, we can only guess that they met up to discuss the film and quite possibly bond a bit as they get ready for their cinematic journey.

Look who I "ran" into on the streets of London. ?

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