E3: Hands-on with Below


It´s been quite some time since Below, developed by Capy Games, was announced, and while the game hasn’t been at the forefront of many gamers’ minds, a lot of the buzz associated with it has been. Thankfully, it was available to be played at E3 and if I had to say one thing about Below, it’s that it doesn’t hold your hand, in any way, shape, or form.

For those new to the game, Below is a rogue adventure game where you play as a warrior who has arrived at an island, and must explore the depths of the mountain. During my short time, I found many items, but didn’t really know what to do with most of them, at first. I started to mess around with the crafting system and was eventually able to craft a torch, where now I could see all sorts of new things inside the cave.below

Light and vision play a big role in Below as I revisited explored areas I was able to find even more items previously hidden in darkness.  Shortly after finding my torch I saw something I didn’t see before, and made the decision to step over it, instantly getting impaled and killed. The combat is heavily influenced by games like Dark Souls, recognized from the first moment you swing your sword, and its inspirations in the animation and flow of fighting in Below.

The game is also going to test your use of resources, as you will be required to find drinking water and food to prevent your character from dying of dehydration or starvation.  Fans of games that are filled with depth, challenging gameplay, and self exploration, will enjoy every minute of gameplay in Below.

Below is scheduled to launch Summer 2016 for Xbox One and Steam.

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