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Capcom have unveiled Resident Evil 7, or Biohazard 7 in Japan, at this year’s E3. After the reveal, Capcom made the playable Resident Evil 7 teaser available on PSN for players to try out the newest entry in the long-standing horror series. Although the demo can be finished within 20-30 minutes, fans have replayed it many times, and have practically combed every surface looking for secrets, hints, and clues as to what we can expect from Resident Evil 7 in the future.

Now, this is already sounding a lot like what people have been doing with the playable trailer for the cancelled Silent Hills project, but it seems to be a smart move by Capcom, as it keeps people engaged with the released short demo, and, crucially, keeps people talking about it. Fans of the series have come up with some pretty interesting things so far, which we’ll take a look into below.

So the demo sees you playing as a cameraman in first person, recording a “set visit” to an abandoned house that’s presumably being used as the location for a TV show or movie of some sort. As part of the demo, you see what could very well be a traditional zombie of sorts, or some other degree of “infected” quite early on.


There also seems to be quite a strong supernatural element to the game. At several points during the demo, players have noticed a “ghost girl” watching you as you move through the demo. I watched the E3 presentation live, and didn’t notice this myself until I went back and re-watched the footage, which makes this extra creepy!


Ghosts have been mentioned by name in the game’s trailer, as well as a newspaper being shown with the headline “Ghosts sighted in bayou.” You can check out some images of the sightings in-demo below as well, found by players who have been combing the demo for secrets.



The goal of the demo is to escape the house that you find yourself in. It’s possible to do this by just using a key found in the demo and leaving via the back door to the house. Other methods have also been uncovered, including going upstairs after finding the missing fuse – an action that prompts players to join the Resident Evil Ambassador Program.

YouTube is full of guides on completing the demo, using all of the items that can be found in it: a key, a fuse, and an axe. There is, however, one item you can pick up in the demo that is still giving people the runaround, and it’s a finger. Yep, you can find a severed finger during your exploration of the house, but no one seems to have uncovered what it is actually used for yet. And people have tried EVERYTHING – including putting it in the kitchen’s fridge and microwave.


The mystery of the finger has sent users over to Reddit into Overdrive, trying to figure out its purpose in the demo. There are other mysteries still on the loose in the demo, as well, such as why some photos around the house appear to change, why there’s a photo of an Umbrella helicopter in to the house’s attic, the odd phone calls, and why the lamp seen in the video below appears to be flickering in Morse code.

There’s a lot more going on in this demo than what we see on the surface, and people are still hard at work uncovering all of the secrets and possible endings to the demo. Have you been playing the demo yourself? What secrets have you uncovered? Share them with us in the comments below.

You can see some of the extra secrets uncovered in the demo so far in the video below, courtesy of Game Riot.


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