Say goodbye to OS X and hello to macOS

At Apple’s annual WWDC conference on Monday, the company announced the newest operating system coming this fall: macOS Sierra. With the new update that rolls out free in the fall, Apple brings all of their operating systems under one naming convention: iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and now macOS.

The change from OS X to macOS isn’t the only new thing about the operating system however. Apple is continuing its crusade on making their customer’s lives as easy and simple as possible. One of these new features is called Auto-Unlock. Your Mac will now unlock automatically when you are near and wearing your appleWatch.

Apple Pay and Siri make their appearances in macOS as well. When the update roles out in the fall, users will now have the ability to pay with Apple pay while online shopping. The authentication depends on you having your iPhone with you as well as using the integrated fingerprint scanner. With Siri on macOS, users will be able to utilize her search function (much like Windows’ Cortana) to find documents and files on their Macs.

Lastly, macOS brings updates to the storage on your Macs. Optimized Storage configures your stored files for you, automatically giving you the best, most optimized storage capacity to help avoid running out of space. This feature accomplishes this daunting tasks by automatically syncing with iCLoud and deleting files on your hard drive. iCloud also has a few new tricks including viewing and managing your files from your computer on your phone, and giving users the ability to sync multiple desktops.

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Source: Mashable 

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