Anime Expo announces Tetsuya Kakihara as guest of honor


Anime Expo recently adds voice actor Tetsuya Kakihara, well-known for the voice of Natsu (Fairy Tail), to their list of guests of honor this year. Kakihara will be hosting a panel on Sunday July 3rd at 3:30-4:30pm in WS2/406AB, and continue with an autograph session following at 5:00-6:00pm at the Industry Guest Autograph Area in Kentia Hall. You can obtain autograph tickets beforehand with the purchase of Kakihara items at the Anime Jungle store or their booth in the Expo Hall.

Interestingly enough, Kakihara was actually born in Germany, and worked to debut as a voice actor in 2003. He won Best Rookie in the Seiyuu Awards in 2007 for his role as Mikoto Yutaka in Princess Princess. Along with his prolific roles in popular anime in the past decade, he has also contributed his musical vocal talents in many an anime theme song for various series, including for Fairy Tail and Yowamushi Pedal.

Though his most well-known role may be Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail, he has also played other major characters like Adolf K. Weisman (K), Angelo Sauper (Mobile Suit Gundam UC), Simon (Gurren Lagann), Koichi Hayase (Linebarrels of Iron), Mercutio (Romeo X Juliet), Mikoto Yutaka (Princess Princess), Jinpachi Toudou (Yowamushi Pedal), Amatsu Ida (Prince of Stride: Alternative), and much more! He also provides the vocals for one of our new protagonists in Final Fantasy XV as Prompto Argentum.

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