Rosewill SP-7260 2.0 Woofer Speaker System review

For as long as people have been gaming, finding the right speakers to accompany long gaming sessions have been critical. In a time where there are so many options available at your fingertips, it’s becoming hard to choose what variety is right for you. Rosewill has you covered with the SP-7260 2.0 Woofer Speaker System. Perhaps one of the last set of speakers you will possibly purchase, Rosewill brings its A game with the SP-7260 2.0 in both quality and performance. The simplistic ports allow the speakers to be connected to almost anything from your PC, TV, consoles and even your portable MP3 players, phone or tablets. An all around multi-platform speaker system packed in a big set up.


  • 2.0 channel gaming woofer speaker system
  • 60 watts output RMS
  • 4.00” deep impact bass driver
  • 1.50” crystal clear tweeter unit
  • Individual volume, bass and treble control for fine-tuning
  • Side control panel with headphone and extra aux-in connections
  • RCA or 3.5mm connection support a wide variety of source devices

The overall package for the SP-7260 2.0 is impressive. The 4″ deep impact bass driver and 1.50″ crystal clear tweeter unit delivers a mixture of rich bass and sound that can be heard across the room. Coupled with Punch Bass Ex + Crystal Sound Technology, it helps in bringing music to life with the thunderous base. When gaming, it helps capture the scenery well with sound that rivals most surround sound systems. With the wooden casing, it delivers on a deep base that is not too empowering. The side controls give you complete control in each treble and bass, as well as volume, for finding that right balance for whatever is playing. The built-in 60-watt integrated amplifier helps push the sound to its limits regardless of what you have plugged in.

Hands On

Given the size of the speakers, I had an idea of how big these would be. It wasn’t until I had them on my desk when I realized how big they actually were. Don’t think that they are big just for show. They can push sound to make your surround sound system jealous.

In the photo below, you can see my previous speakers just below the keyboard and how the SP-7260 towers over them. The controls on the side made it simple to control the volume as well as the bass/treble. Every speaker comes with the mic hook up and the SP-7260 is no exception. An added bonus is the Aux input, which provides a quick hook up to your MP3 player or tablet/phone. Watch your favorite movie with these and you’ll feel like your at the movies with the amazing bass alone. Since the speakers use an RCA to connect to your PC, it comes with an adapter to connect to your TV via RCA. Swapping back and forth from devices and consoles/PC is really easy seeing as there is only one cable used and an adapter for other sound systems or TVs.


Don’t mind the clutter.

It’s really hard to find anything that is bad about the SP-7260, other than maybe the size of the speakers themselves. But with the performance you get from the built-in subwoofers, based and aux connections, it easily makes up for its size. The SP-7260 is really designed with gaming in mind, but there are tons of uses for these speakers. I’ve tried out many devices and connections just to see what it can handle. Plugged in my iPhone with the Aux and jammed on some Pandora (a good mix of video game music including violinist Taylor Davis). It’s also amazing the quality of sound most game apps are created with when hearing them through a set of speakers. And being a TV techy myself, I had to find a way to directly plug into my TV. Luckily, it was quite simple with the RCA adapter. The glory days of my old surround sound set up has returned. My current set is packed away due to size, but this brought back the energy that my TV has been missing. I’ve also had plenty of long sessions of Destiny on my PS4 and these speakers did the game justice. Hearing the bullets fly by makes it feel like I actually dodge them myself. And given that it’s only 2 speakers compared to my current surround sound set of 7 speakers, main unit and bass, the SP-7260 proved a worthy replacement without all the clutter of most systems.

Final Reaction

Gaming? Music? Movies? Rosewill has got you covered. There aren’t many speaker systems that are diverse as the SP-7260. Simplistic controls and set up really boost its appeal to any user with amazing performance. Start a party and crank up the bass and as long as you have a sweet party mix, these will keep the party going. Enjoying a gaming session but getting too loud? Just plug in some headphones to keep the peace and quiet. And if your old surround sound system is on its last legs, the SP-7260 can hook up to your TV with the RCA cable. Whatever your needs are, the SP-7260 will easily perform on every level and you’d wonder what you did without them. Rosewill may have made the last set of speakers you will ever need.

Rating: 5/5


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