Razer’s ManO’War Headset is powerful and affordable (review)


For years now, we’ve seen different companies try to win customers over with sweet words like “the true experience”  when it comes to different features in their gaming headsets. Many don’t live up to their self-created hype, while others stand clearly superior to the rest, such as Razer’s new ManO’War Wireless Gaming Headset.

Razer made great strides with this product, really making the ManO’War worth picking up, and I’ve had the opportunity of using their latest entry into the wireless gaming headset market for over a month now. Very quickly, I found that it became my everyday gaming headset, thanks to its compatibility with both my PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s extremely easy to use, with simply just pluging in the single 2.4GHz dongle into a USB 3.0 port on your PC or into you PS4 USB port, and it’s ready to use, with no wires, no mixers and no need to install anything else.


Razer also tackles one big problem that comes with using a dongle on multiple devices: the ease of losing the dongle. It’s happened to me before, instantly making a $90 item worthless. The ordeal is never fun to deal with, but Razer has solved this issue by adding a slot in the headset for storing the dongle. Held closed by a magnet, the fear of it falling out is instantly eliminated. Now, being able to take this with you everywhere is easier than ever! I wouldn’t be able to do this with any other wireless headsets for events, or even work. Another great feature the headset holds is its battery life, holding just under 14 hours of use on a single charge. I had an opportunity to really test this feature out over play sessions on Paragon, Overwatch, and even Uncharted 4, and they prove to always work up to 14 hours! Lastly, using the Razer Synapse feature – which you may already have if you own any other Razer products – also adds a bit of extra flair to your headset, as you can control the color(s) of the headset, making for a neat little option.

RazerMano5I wasn’t a huge fan of the look, at first, as it was just a simple pure black design that didn’t really catch my attention. One thing I did like was that it featured larger ear cups that really work well with any ear size, which is a plus to those who need something bigger, or those who aren’t a fan of tight ear cups. These things are very durable, also, which is largely due to the leather band they added to the top of the headset. The headband part can take some pressure, yet still feels natural, which is something, I feel, all headsets need to adopt, especially for the more expensive headsets. It’s easy to have these on for countless hours of gaming, as they are very comfortable when you wear them normally, but anywhere else, and you tend to feel it. That’s the trade-off that comes with the larger ear cups, as they are comfortable with plenty of room, however, when you put the headset around your neck or over one ear, it becomes a bit uncomfortable.

When it comes to surround sound, you have two options: either headsets that hold tons of built-in drivers that create a crisp and beautiful sound (which can get very expensive), or devices that create the surround sound experience, virtually. The ManO’War falls into the latter, creating a virtual experience that makes it nearly impossible to tell the difference, under normal circumstances. The headset offers crisp and clear sounds of 7.1 surround sound, which is great for competitive games where the clear sounds can really make a difference. During sessions of Call of Duty: Black Ops III, I could hear gunfire from far away, making it easy to know where I needed to go; it also helped during MOBA’s, where it was important to have communication with teammates, which came through perfectly clear.

Razer’s ManO’War is a great experience, overall. For the price tag of $170, it is still cheaper than some of its competitors that can cost up to $100 more, sometimes offering you the same experience. It also has uses outside of gaming, giving you high-quality sounds out of your movies, or while relaxing and listen to your music, all without the need of an expensive sound system.

ManO’War: 4 out of 5 Atoms

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