KINGSGLAIVE gets a new behind-the-scenes video

With all of that E3 hype, we’re getting swarmed with some amazing games, and some really cool stuff to look forward too. (I mean can we talk about the VR train Sony is conducting? Damn.)

Anyways, with all of this cool stuff, one of those things happens to be KINGSGLAIVE movie, which is part of the new Final Fantasy XV.

Previously, we wrote an article announcing the film back when the first trailer was released. Today, with all of the announcements we’re hearing, Sony released a new video regarding the series – a behind-the-scenes video. Check it out!

Can we talk about how realistic the film looks? Gosh.

KINGSGLAIVE focuses on King Regis and Crown City. War has been between both Lucis and Niflheim, due to the fact the hallowed Crystal is something everyone wants.

The film will be released August 19th of 2016 in select theaters around the US, and Japanese theaters on July 9th, 2016.

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