American Horror Story season 6 theme announcement gets pushed back

There have been loads of rumors and news floating about the internet talking about the new American Horror Story season, and what the theme of season 6 will be. As most of you know, each season of the series focuses on a new storyline that has no relation (mainly) to the last season, but uses the same actors. Around this time every year, a lot of hype gets built up as all of us fans wait to hear what the new theme is.

Today, Monday, June 13th, was supposed to be the announcement for the newest edition to the well-loved show. However, the producers decided to put a hold on the event and wait to announce it due to the tragic Orlando shootings that took place this past weekend. And hey, we have mad respect for their decision.

Although no further news on when the season will actually be announced, we hope it’s soon! For those of you who have seen the Apocalypse photo, no – that’s not the theme of the new season. (But wouldn’t that be super cool?) Let’s just hope it has something to do with Murder House – am I right!?

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