Keiji Inafune apologizes for Mighty No. 9’s delay, Ray DLC trailer revealed


Mighty No. 9 was originally a dream project that went horribly wrong, upsetting tons of fans. Comcept’s Mighty No. 9 is the perfect example of what happens when a company decides the best course of action is to stay silent, rather than informing the people who backed the project there were issues and letting them find out last minute.

Capcom is just sitting on the Mega Man IP and doing practically nothing with it, other than porting older titles and canceling two Mega Man games in development. When Keiji Inafune unveiled his Kickstarter for a Mega Man successor, it was major news and the crowdfunding project raised over a million dollars to make the game a reality. Well, closer to the game’s original planned release date, things went from excitement to constant disappointment.

Game development isn’t exactly easy, as problems can arise at any time especially for a new game development company. While many fans have begun to become negative about the game (the terrible “Masterclass trailer” from Deep Silver isn’t helping), it’s not until now that Comcept’s founder Keiji Inafune has finally apologized to the fans about everything.

In an interview with 4GamerInafune apologizes for all of the delays, and he learned once again how difficult making a game can be. He mentions that the biggest problem was how the game was going to be released. The company wasn’t short-handed but instead it took on more that it could handle trying to release the game on all platforms which proved to be too much for them.

The concept of the game was to show just how great Japanese games can be. He hears from fans that Japanese games used to be great and wanted to create a game where fans could say that once again. He finally mentions that there are big plans for Mighty No. 9 which will include the animated series, a live-action movie and a sequel which is already something they are already thinking about, even if the game doesn’t do well.

From the backer demo released back in September (wow it’s already been 10 months), the game is pretty fun. Let’s hope it can win back the favor of the fans, especially those who have all but given up on the game.

Comcept has also released a new trailer that takes a look at the DLC character Ray, who looks very similar to Zero.

Mighty No. 9 will release on June 21st for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Steam.

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