E3: Dishonored devs bringing back Prey

prey 2

The last time people even heard about the Prey video game series was back in 2011 when the sequel of the 2006 Xbox 360 title was announced. (That one faded into obscurity.) Well Bethesda has opened the flood gates and released a new trailer to get fans excited for the Prey reboot.

2006’s Prey had players taking the role of Domasi Tawodi, aka Tommy, a Cherokee garage mechanic and former United States Army soldier who explored and fought on an alien space craft. The player could also take Tommy’s spirit and use it to solve puzzles throughout.

The new trailer looks to take a different approach from the original, so I’m excited to see where this reboot will go.

Bethesda stole the show last year at E3, and with the release of this long lost game, they might be on track for a repeat.

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