National StreetPass week begins in time for E3


Bust out your 3DS and head to your nearest Nintendo Zone because National StreetPass Week has begun as of yesterday and will continue until June 19th! This event is to mark the occasion of E3 2016, which begins tomorrow with the EA and Bethesda conferences and Nintendo’s show (the Treehouse Live) will occur on June 14th.

In order to celebrate StreetPass Week, anyone with a 3DS must enter a Nintendo Zone with their system in sleep mode. This will allow you to StreetPass with anyone in North America who has also visited a Nintendo Zone.


Nintendo also aims to keep their fans informed by opening up the Game News, Videos, and Events community in Miiverse which will provide updates on showfloor announcements. There is also the [email protected] community where fans can discuss anything pertaining to the event.

The E3 show floor opens on June 14-16 and we can’t wait to see what Nintendo and the other companies have in store for us!

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