MatPat’s Game Lab, from playing on the couch to real-life adventures

matpat game lab

The average gamer immerses themselves into a virtual world where the protagonist can parkour, wield a sword, and/or infiltrate a well-guarded compound without breaking a sweat. Life as a gamer is easy, and all they have to do is press some buttons and the character will pull off some amazing moves. MatPat, known for YouTube’s The Game Theorists, has a new YouTube Red show that premiered this week called Game Lab. It takes YouTube’s popular gamers and thrusts them into the real world where they will be trained to become a badass.

Can a gamer survive a real-life version of Mirror’s Edge, Metal Gear Solid, or Ubisoft’s For Honor? Matthew Patrick and his fellow gamers will be trained by professionals and know what it’s like to actually sneak, fight and parkour in the real world.

The first two episodes are now available, with the first episode being free.

Check out our interview with MatPat below along with our very own Mike Villarreal getting some sword training from Sword Fights Inc.

Watch the first episode below:

Each episode of the show will have a companion 360 episode (free) that will further immerse you into the action. We had the chance to experience the Metal Gear Solid 360 companion episode, and that was an interesting experience. You can move your head around and witness Snake sneaking and incapacitating the enemies.

The companion 360 episodes are free. Here’s the one for the Mirror’s Edge episode. (For a better experience, use Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear.)

New episodes will be available on Wednesdays and will require a YouTube Red subscription.

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