Xbox One summer update brings the PC and Xbox even closer


If you have been following any of the news coming out of Microsoft, then you are probably already aware of their quest to merge the Xbox with the PC to create a cohesive gaming community. The latest update to Xbox that will be launching this summer aims to do just that by bringing a couple things to the Xbox One, such as Cortana and a better store, while also merging PC games with Xbox Live.

One of the big things, of course, coming to Xbox is Cortana. She is the Siri-esk personal assistant that you use (or ignore) on your PC or Windows phones. With this addition comes a new voice command to wake up your Xbox, using the Kinect. Instead of saying “Xbox”, you say “Hey, Cortana” and follow up with a command. With this new phrase, Xbox is reporting increased accuracy in commands and a decrease in the frequency of consoles turning on unintentionally due to a commercial, or you just mentioning the word “Xbox” in conversation.

The App and Game marketplace is getting an overhaul, as well, by streamlining its selection. Instead of having to view the game and DLC data separately, all game content will be viewed together. In addition, pricing in the store will now be upfront, and your games and apps on your dashboard will now be easier to find.

Lastly, Microsoft is showing just how serious they are about combining PC and Xbox by making (almost) every PC game now supported in the Xbox app and Xbox Live. This includes games that are built on Microsoft’s Win32 programming interface, and not just the Universal Windows Platform. So now, you can see who is playing League of Legends and who is playing Halo in your Xbox app.

With this update – and the ones to follow – it looks as though Microsoft is really pushing for the one-console-to-rule-them-all mentality, or, at the very least, showing fans how important they view gamers. With the rumors of cross-play from Xbox to PlayStation, this gaming generation may be the first to see the end of the console wars.

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Source: TechRadar

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