Is the universe one massive cell? Plus, check out our new science show!

Have you ever contemplated the entire universe being one massive cell with endless walls and possibilities? It’s sort of a weird thought, I suppose. But let’s take all of these brief things into consideration.

What I’m specifically referring to is a diagram I saw while watching the commentary / science behind Interstellar. Check it out:

This model is similar to the one that they used in The Science of Interstellar. One famous astrophysicist featured in the extra commentary created a model of all of the stars, in the Milky Way, surrounding a massive black hole, according to her research. The model included the orbit of the stars around it, and how the fact that they were moving proved her theory of having a black hole as the center.

Upon watching, I began to compare the model to that of an atom. The dots being electrons, circulating around one central piece – the nucleus. From that, I began to wonder even further: is the entire galaxy one massive cell with never ending layers?

It might sound crazy at first, but think about it.

We have discovered subatomic protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms, and everything else about a cell and its nucleus, but ask yourself, have we only discovered up to that point?


If we were living organisms in another galaxy in a proton state of mind, they wouldn’t know about another layer of a massive cell until at some point they discovered it. So then, have we another layer to discover to our universe, and so on and so forth? Are we all orbiting one central nuclei that is never-ending? Or perhaps, there is an outside layer – a cell wall, rather.

It doesn’t seem crazy to think about, and I wanted to include these two things together in this article.

Nerd Reactor is hosting a new show called C2H6O Science, where a bunch of us cool science nerds play a drinking game while contemplating the entire universe. Being all interactive, it will be live – hosted on our YouTube channel. You will be able to comment, and ask us questions about the topic we will be talking about that week. Essentially, each new show will have a new theory to go over, and this theory right here, the extensive, never-ending walls of the universe, will be our very first topic.

To watch the new show (and we hope you do), please check out our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for constant updates on when our show goes live!

We hope you’re excited, because we are! Get involved and stay tuned, and start thinking about the theory, because we want to talk to you about it!

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