6 new volumes of D.Gray-man HALLOW to be released this summer


According to the July issue of Jump Square, fans can expect D.Gray-man Hallow, the sequel to the original D.Gray-man anime, to be released July 4th, and to have 13 episodes total. There will be a total of 6 DVD/Blu-ray releases – with the first disc having 3 episodes – according to the official website. Though a slightly shorter run than I’d hoped for, it will definitely be an exciting watch to finally see the continuation of the series finally animated after 10 long years.


Katsura Hoshino will be drawing the jacket illustrations for the releases, and Kaoru Wada will return to compose the music for the sequel. Continuing with their tradition of rock songs featured as opening themes, the opening will be performed by rock band Lenny code fiction (LCF), while new and rising singer Mashiro Ayano will star for the ending.

Tune in on July 4th next month to see the excitement!

Source: Jump Share

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