The ‘Beast’ Diago Umahara is now working for Twitch


The “Beast” Daigo Umehara is now part of the Twitch team, which he revealed is a recent stream on his Twitch channel. While being one of the best Street Fighter players in the world, Daigo managed to balance his full-time job working at a nursing home and practicing multiple games (mainly Street Fighter).

His new role is the Global Ambassador, that’s right global. He will be traveling quite a bit, not only to help promote fighting games but other games as well. To what extent it remains to be seen. Daigo will still be competing in tournaments, now under the name “Twitch|Daigo” and plans on entering every Capcom Pro Tour Tournament moving forward.

It’s a very smart move in Twitch’s part. Daigo is a celebrity in Japan and having a major name competing and winning just looks nice for them. So chances are if you are attending a Twitch event in the future you may see Daigo there.

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