GOG Connect brings your Steam Library to the GOG Library


GOG has made its name taking the computer games of yester-year and bringing them into the 21st Century, often with the help of DOSBox as well as being an eager salesman for the indie game movement and having a number of modern titles to boot. Now, GOG has announced a new utility known as GOG Connect.


What GOG Connect does is link your GOG Account with your Steam Account and, provided GOG has the game in its catalog and the developer (or in the case of a lot of these old games, whoever owns the rights) has agreed to the deal, gives you a complimentary GOG version and all that it implies: A DRM-Free version of the game along with digital copies of the feelies (That’s what you pay extra to get with the collector’s edition these days instead of getting them with the base game like in the old days) and any other bonuses like soundtracks.


Don’t get cute and decide that you’ll just get your GOG copy and ditch the Steam one for a refund. GOG reserves the right to delete its copy if you delete your Steam one. So stay on the straight and narrow.


Though if you want to see if you have any of the current batch of games available for transfer, you’d better hurry. GOG only offers one batch of games at a time for a limited amount of time, so click the link at the bottom if you want to redeem your copies while you still have time. Until then, keep on retro gaming.


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