Even Elon Musk plays Overwatch


Nerds and fanboys (and savvy investors) already gush over everything Elon Musk does, from building the first mainstream electric car, to launching rockets into space, to bringing solar energy into the home. So it is not surprising that the Interwebs are going crazy over Musk’s revelation this weekend that he is also a fan of Blizzard’s smash FPS hit, Overwatch. Last night, Musk tweeted on his personal Twitter account his wholehearted recommendation of Overwatch.  

Elon Musk

Given Musk’s extreme interest in future technologies and his stated belief that robots will eventually take over the world, it comes as little surprise that he loves a game that is chock full of robots taking it to humans and robots alike with a plethora of futuristic guns and technology. Released less than a month ago, Overwatch has catapulted to critical and commercial acclaim, with over 7 million players to date.

Also, knowing Blizzard’s penchant for honoring some of their celebrity fans in game, I fully expect to see a Tesla Model X skin in Heroes of the Storm or maybe even a new hero in Overwatch, E-Lon, a robotic computer that has gained sentience and joins Overwatch to save the world with his deadly dual wielded Tesla coils.

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