China will soon launch the first Quantum Satellite

Anatomy of a shooting star source jpl nasa

Image via JPL/NASA

China has been working on a project to launch the world’s first Quantum Satellite. By turning messages quantum and sending them to their satellite in space, this could mean a more secure future for communication and may make encryption uncrackable.

The idea that fuels this project is called Quantum Cryptography. Most of us now have credit cards with encryption chips or are familiar with encryption codes on your computer. Our society is constantly finding new ways to encrypt our data and protect our privacy and identity. Well, Quantum Cryptography may be the answer that we are all looking for.

Quantum Encryption uses the act of Quantum Entanglement which is when two or more particles are entangled in a quantum state. When in this state, no particle can be independently described and even collapses when observed. Quantum Encryption uses quantum entanglement to collapse if another person is trying to steal or spy on your information. To sum it all up, your information would be impossible to be cracked.

China’s satellite, called Quess or the Quantum Experiments at Space Scale, is scheduled to be launched in July of this year. This technology is inspiring other countries to become involved in this field of technology.

Learn more about Quess by visiting this website.

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