Vans’ Nintendo-themed apparel is out… and it’s pricey


zeldaThe new Vans X Nintendo line is available both in stores and online at the Vans website, and while they look pretty cool, be prepared to spend quite a bit to have the best looking shoes around. The shirts, caps and backpacks cost anywhere from $24 to $40, and the shoes start at $65.

I’m quite fond of many of the designs including the Legend of Zelda-themed slip-ons that say Game Over on the bottom, but I don’t know if I would actually drop $70 ($76.30 after taxes) on a pair, especially if I’m going to worry about getting them dirty. However, shoe enthusiasts may feel differently.


There are also three pairs of Nintendo-themed socks to pick up, if you don’t mind paying $12 for a single pair. I mean they look pretty cool, especially the psychedelic Donkey Kong socks, but I think that would look better on a sweater or shirt since no one will be really able to see them. I might just stick to the trucker hat.


The kids line on the other hand is pretty affordable, starting at $37 for all the same designs. While I really would like to buy a pair of these shoes, I think I’ll be holding out for sale. You can see the whole Nintendo line here.

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